Your Life, Your Story

Bold Wedding Photography and Videography

AzulOx Visuals creates bold, cinematic stories. We capture your passion for one another, for life, on film.  From the surprise of engagement through the excitement of your wedding day, we deliver images and video that stands the test of time, and offer a glimpse into the lives of our subjects both as individuals and as a couple.  AzulOx preserves your special moments on both film and video, allowing you to bring your memories life over and over again.


Audrey: UT Senior Portraits

Audrey channels Audrey. Audrey and team AzulOx have been discussing a shoot like this for at least a year now. Late nights working weddings together usually yields some strange ideas but the Breakfast at Tiffany’s Audrey Hepburn and graduating from Texas Audrey seemed to merge for a hour or so in downtown Taylor. Sassy, Funny, […]


Joseph and Sara – A Horseshoe Bay Wedding

We have been eagerly anticipating Joseph and Sara’s wedding.  Their Hill Country Engagement shoot was fun, relaxed, and resulted in some of our favorite images (and moments) from last year. Unsurprisingly their wedding had the same vibe, a small ceremony on the patio over the lake surrounded by family and friends, some tasty BBQ (mmm… […]

Lindsay and Jonathan - Austin Vintage Swing - 046

Jonathan and Lindsay – A Vintage Austin Engagement

Jonathan and Lindsay are people I’ve known a while through the Lindy Hop community, but that is only one facet of their personality. Jonathan is one of the biggest foodies I know and Lindsay is really into 40s, 50s and 60s vintage. They have both been bitten by the entrepreneurship bug too. They definitely have […]


Kristen & Sam: A Match Made in Austin

Kristen & Sam kicked off our first wedding of 2016 with a big bash at the elegant Driskill Hotel in downtown Austin. Their wedding certainly set the bar for the rest of the weddings to come this year. Kristen is low key and up for whatever photo ideas we had, and Sam just made us […]


Year in Review: Personal Photographs

TL:DR – When not photographing Weddings this is what I photograph Andrew posted a great writeup of his favorite shot from each shoot. I will let him keep that idea and focus on the photographs that I shot for myself in one way or another. Most are personal photographs or photographs where I am stretching […]


Andrew’s 2015 – One from Every Shoot

I (Andrew) originally wrote this for my personal photo site, but we thought AzulOx fans might enjoy seeing it. These are photos I, Andrew, took this year. Josh shot some of these same things, and many others besides. He shot more for the company than me and I shot more “personal” stuff than him […]

Andrea and Keith - Kindred Oaks Austin Wedding - 10

Andrea and Keith – It’s All About the Moment

Some weddings have elaborate decorations, food, and proceedings. Andrea and Keith’s had all those things, but they had something you can’t hire. It was the sort of wedding where my face was sore because I couldn’t help but smile the entire time. You could feel the happiness radiating from them as a physical warmth. When […]


Dustin & Rachael: Denver, Colorado Wedding

Finally a wedding Dustin couldn’t sweat at. Dustin is a former Austinite now living in Denverite wedding cinematographer. He joked during the reception that in the near freezing temps of his own wedding he finally wouldn’t sweat through his shirt. Funny guy. No really, he laughs and makes everyone around him laugh most often including […]

Rachael and Kevin - Day After Session - 11

Rachael and Kevin, Take 3 – Day After Shoot

Sometimes the world conspires against you, or it seems that way… Rachael wanted a bridal shoot before her wedding and we scheduled one for the week before the wedding right after the dress would be done. That morning we had to cancel. The area got 10 inches of rain and there was widespread flooding and […]


Julie & Garrett: Hotel Alsace Wedding

Care Bear Attack! Because really, what is scarier than Share Bear coming after the wedding party to rain down hugs and warmth. Garrett is a bit of prankster and wanted to have dinosaur’s or king kong chasing the bridal party. We had to raise his joke one more level and go full Ghostbuster style in […]

Vista on Seward Hill Wedding

Angela & Arron: Vista on Seward Hill Wedding

Fun Fun Fun Fest happened this past weekend in Austin, but I don’t think anyone had more fun fun fun than Angela & Arron at their wedding. Every photo we took had either Angela smiling, Arron laughing, Angela making a silly face or Arron trying to make Angela laugh some more. Just infectious laughter throughout […]

Aggie Senior Portraits - 12

Chelsea: Aggieland Senior Portraits

We can’t believe Chelsea is graduating college from Texas A&M already. Seems like yesterday we were photographing her high school senior portraits. We traveled up to Aggieland on a beautiful fall Sunday to photograph Chelsea around the A&M campus. The session started at the iconic Dixie Chicken and their Bottle Cap Alley. We then travelled […]


Antonio & Michelle: Lone Oak Barn Wedding

No pressure for this wedding, the groom Antonio is also a photographer and he is up for anything. The bride, Michelle, is the little sister of one of our running friends. The expectations are always high of course, but I would be lying if I wasn’t a bit nervous heading into this fall Saturday. Thankfully […]

Joseph and Sara - Texas Hill Country Engagement-0013

Joseph and Sara – Texas Hill Country Engagement

It’s always a special privilege to work for another professional photographer. When our friend Joseph asked us to be his wedding photographer, we were honored. There is a validation that goes with that, but also special responsibility and pressure. Phase one is the engagement shoot, and it is probably my favorite part of wedding photography. […]

AJ Jennifer Social-26

AJ & Jennifer: Waco Wedding

We are so thrilled to be sharing the first true Waco Wedding we have covered with both stills and motion. AJ & Jennifer are the happy couple that are the stars of this show from the Phoenix Ballroom. The day contained many firsts for us not the least of which is that Jennifer is an […]